Monday, December 1, 2014

Good morning December 1rst!
 Hope everyone found something to be thankful for over this past thanksgiving weekend.  Even in tough times being thankful for something in your life is very empowering.  It gives you strength, confidence and appreciation in the life you have with control over some things but not everything.  With that said... this blog today is to start a string of comments to help one another.  I will be looking for comments and ideas to help make this blog something for its followers to gain every time they sign on. 
With all that said about thankfulness, I can say personally when I was going through diagnostics and treatments, I always remained hopeful in the treatment.  The diagnostics was waiting without being able to do something... not so hopeful.  The treatment was the work and effort towards a goal.  With adoption the work of the paperwork and documents was the effort of moving forward... waiting to hear how the caseworker interpreted your home study... not so much.  Talking to friends and family about your frustrations could work both ways.  The holidays as well worked both ways.  Hearing others good fortune of positive pregnancy test... always a bummer.  I did have a caring friend call me over the holidays to let me know she was pregnant.  She called, said hello then told me she was pregnant.  She also told me she realized that news would be painful on first pitch so she asked me to call her back when I wanted to.  She was a friend!  Caring and thoughtful.  Of course about three days later I called her back to let her know how happy I was for her after the sting of how it affected me had relieved itself. 
I think fertility is a misunderstood situation by so many.  Often times people would say... at least you don't have cancer... at least everyone you love is well... at least you have options.  I think what society needs to understand is that loosing your ability to procreate when you want to is as disabling as loosing a limb.