Sunday, March 29, 2015

Well Hello Spring or NOT.  With confidence we know that good weather is on the horizon.  It helps with the sting of freshly fallen snow.  Fertility on the other hand is not so easy on the confidence road.  No matter how much you bet, make promises and search the web for info there is no guarantee that parenthood is in the future...
With that said... this organization is here for financial access, information and support.
We need this blog to take off and become what YOU want it to be.  We just gave out a $7,500 grant and will wait on our own pins and needles for success.  whether its the burden of finances for adoption or fertility treatments this organization wants to help.  Created and made of of professionals who fought their own battles with fertility we are excited to give back.
For me, if you read the original blog you will get my history and resume both personally and professionally.
Recently, I spoke to a friend and past patient who after years of fertility and double digit attempts with IVF she is a mom of 3!  She reminds me of me only 25 years or so younger!  She will be jumping in when she can.
So, what do we want to talk about??  I am thinking about fertility options from IVF to adoption...  now a days adoption is wide open since it could be adopting via egg donation to adopting domestically, overseas or through your local child services.
For me, I looked at every option.  I have down IVF with and without success and also have an adopted child.  Getting to that decision was looking at very inward beliefs and attitudes.  My bottom line was always to hold a baby in my arms and know with love and a ton of work that child would call me "mom".  When I was starting my journey I did believe giving birth was going to be necessary.  Over the years that need was squashed like a bug.  Not once do I differentiate between the 4 voices in life that call me "mom".  I can say that being pregnant did let me into a society of women being donned my birthing badge with some kind of right given to me to be able to earn that right...  as I became a mom it changed...  getting pregnant has nothing to do with being a good mom...  easy for me to say now...
go ahead... give me your thoughts...  
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